Hispanic BLN - About Us

Are you looking for a better way to get in front of a more diverse network in your city? If so, it is time you join the Hispanic Business Leaders Network! Whether you are looking to enhance your career, or create long-term relationships, we are connecting top professionals and social enthusiasts throughout the country!

With a joint network that reaches over 500,000 business professionals throughout the country, we are sure to have something for every career background! Hispanic BLN hosts monthly networking events and charitable fundraisers which cater to industry professionals and social enthusiasts just like you. Events are structured to help professionals promote individual growth, enhance personal development, and improve communication their skills. We strive to give professionals an innovative way to grow their network, by providing a relaxed atmosphere for them to market themselves or their company effectively. Our events range in size from 50-300 professionals and take place in your cities top nightlife destinations, venues, and restaurants. Not only are we giving professionals a better way to build their network of business contacts, but we are also spotlighting local business and charitable efforts at each of our events.

Our Mission is to allow like-minded professionals to recognize, create, or act upon new relationships and networking opportunities in their city. Through our unique event format we strive to help individuals improve their communication skills, and gain more confidence through social and business networking.